For so many reasons that I cannot fully communicate yet, my website is moving to a new host. As such, those of you who follow me here, will not see the new posts until/unless you go to the new site. 😦 sorry.

It’s under construction right now, so the page is pretty odd looking…but you can find me at http://www.savannahverte.com

Thanks for the hang!


Color my world

How do you know you’ve arrived if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been?

Good grief, how do you write that question if you can’t figure out what you’re asking? lol.

I’m in the throes of trying to run in several directions, a process which seldom bears immense fruit, but is often unavoidable. Case in point, I’ve launched this website to help build my platform as an author and to try to expand the audience and reach of my work. Problem is, I’m really not sure what is or isn’t quality content or how to put it out there. So, I’m spending some time wandering around, looking for other pages by authors I know or am meeting to see what they are doing as well as what is and what is not working for them.


Tips? Advice? I’m a blank canvas in need of paint.


(image courtesy of free clip art gallery)