VZ&tM8 cover full wrap (3)Four women face their flaws, fears, and futures when they meet in person for the first time for a girl’s weekend in Las Vegas. Each gets a bit more than they bargained for as they get to know one another over three days in Sin City. Truths come out to prompt change as they learn that life is less about the cards in their hands than the way they play the game.

In the end they realize that there is more about them alike than different and that anything is possible with friends who support their journeys. Three days, a Mexican revolutionary, and a Magic 8-ball that came along for the ride later, they each leave Las Vegas different than when they arrived.

Sometimes what happens in Vegas can’t stay.

12773380_10154587470390031_1905073824_o.KF.5 (2)Can their world survive the truth? Fifteen warriors follow the God’s command to hunt one of their own. They learn too late that the enemy they fight is not the one standing in front of them. Failure is not an option, but the game has changed and the stakes are climbing.

Five match-mates struggle to stay where they are, left behind. An unguarded vision draws them into the vortex as the fight escalates. Who will survive the war between the worlds? Succeed or die trying are the only choices left.

Kingdoms will stand or they will fall…more than one could be lost forever.