Time Management Tuesday

Please forgive the abbreviated post. I am having connectivity issues still, and blogging from my phone is, well…miserable. LoL.

I wanted to offer another idea for your end of the year push. Last week I suggested taking a piece of Labor Day… Which blew up my inbox with mixed responses, so for those who shouted the virtues of time off, how about this; take out your planner & block off a small chunk of time each week for the month of September. Use them to get your documentation together. Preferably, block the same time each week so you can start developing a habit.

Then, for October through the end of the year, use that weekly block of time to get your paperwork in order month by month starting with January. By the time you get to the end, all you’ll have to do itls roll it up for the year and you’re ready for taxes without killing your writing blocks on the early months of 2017.

You can do it! Focus & make it happen.


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