The laundry got done

It’s been a bumpy few weeks. Between work going nuts, the passing of my mother in law, the funeral for my mother in law, trying to clean out the hoarder house of my mother in law, and my husband’s surgery…I’ve been out of the saddle for far longer than I thought I would be, and it’s only been a couple three weeks. I am behind, I won’t try to sugar coat it, I lost serious ground attending to things beyond my control, and the finish line is still wayyy around the next bend or two.

I have three events coming up back to back which will also take me out of the writing chair for a long stretch, so it became imperative to get my butt in the seat and get some work things done. I have a countdown started over at my facebook author page for the big reveal of the cover for Book of Change…even though for live events, the cover has been out for about 8 weeks. Those who haven’t been where I have been signing will finally get to see the cover Tuesday June 21st. Are you following along?


I also tossed out a teaser for the upcoming book The Custos, which will debut at Author’s After Dark this August in Savannah Georgia…wonder what 43 is? Will you be there to find out first?


Follow along and keep your eyes peeled to find out more about this and White Diamond.

But I digress. I have far more to catch up on, including getting back on track for Time Management Tuesdays, (hopefully THIS week), getting my blog posts up over at my publisher page –, and getting the edits done on a few pieces as well as wrap the research and get ‘The Bible’ done for Chasing Daylight. The list is long, but at least through the madness I was able to keep up with the laundry. Some things just cannot slide, and if I learned anything from my mother, it’s that you always need clean underthings. 🙂



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