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Thanks for the hang!


On the Road again-

Just got off the road from Iowa a couple days ago and it’s time to leave again. I promise…after Glass City Author Event I’ll get my butt in the chair and be more consistent. I haven’t unpacked the one case, other than to refill things, since late april.



Time Management Tuesday

Yesterday, I was working, and today I’ll be working again. Funny how that happens. Today’s post will be a quickie as I’ve taken the time to invest in some help with my time management. I determined that I wanted to have a Street Team, but realized I know nothing about having a street team. I did some sleuthing and talked to some folks I have met at events for advice.

I was severely impressed by Jennifer with Wickedly Innocent Promotions. She was willing to answer my questions and offer advice without bashing her “I do that” stick over my head. It was hours later, while reading her services list, that I came to realize that she does exactly what I’m looking for help doing. Consider me SOLD! We spent time over the long weekend conspiring on what was what, and her showing me how it would come together…which is amazing to me with my technology limitations.

If you are interested in helping out on my team, you simply start by filling out an interest form and VOILA….the process begins of finding out if it’s something you can, and truly want, to take on. So, my TMT post today is about knowing your limitations and asking for help. I’m so freaking glad I did!!

To see what the team is all about, start HERE.


Thanks in advance!

Time Management Tuesday

Please forgive the abbreviated post. I am having connectivity issues still, and blogging from my phone is, well…miserable. LoL.

I wanted to offer another idea for your end of the year push. Last week I suggested taking a piece of Labor Day… Which blew up my inbox with mixed responses, so for those who shouted the virtues of time off, how about this; take out your planner & block off a small chunk of time each week for the month of September. Use them to get your documentation together. Preferably, block the same time each week so you can start developing a habit.

Then, for October through the end of the year, use that weekly block of time to get your paperwork in order month by month starting with January. By the time you get to the end, all you’ll have to do itls roll it up for the year and you’re ready for taxes without killing your writing blocks on the early months of 2017.

You can do it! Focus & make it happen.

Simple solution

I got some bowtie pasta salad from the deli. Should have sampled it first…not good. Trying not to be wasteful, I tried this and it made the deli concoction salvagable.

I dumped it on top of a bed of field greens then covered it with house vinaigrette. The greens flavor varieties, along with the bold dressing (since the pasta was supposedly in a vinaigrette too) were just enough to save the pasta dish from the circular file & added a little starch for longevity. Win-win.

Time Management Tuesday

I know that what I am going to say here might be unpopular…please hear me out anyway. I promise to make it quick.

We as authors have a LOT of stuff to juggle…production costs, promotion costs, travel costs, education costs, event costs, swag costs…the list is LONG. Come tax time, I have seen, year after year, authors bemoaning the collection, collation, and coding of the invoices, receipts, and odds & ends slips of paper to prepare for the ‘day of due’ or celebration that you made it balance somehow and don’t owe Uncle Sam.

My proposition is, to take part of the Labor Day holiday, since most are off work anyway, and if you haven’t been keeping your documentation together monthly, to get it together and at least partially sorted now. The year is slowly but surely winding down and soon enough you’ll be consumed in holiday preparation or shopping and you surely won’t want to do it then, so do it now. Just a little.

It’s Labor day after all. Might as well labor a little. Then reward yourself with a barbecue and a cold one. 🙂 WIN-WIN.

Sunday salute

It’s been a good long few since I last posted, and so much has happened. Authors After Dark was, simply put, Epic. All hurdles aside, it was absolutely worth every challenge. Home from that, I got notified of an award nomination for Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball. What a tremendous surprise honor! I love that folks are reading & embracing the story.

But, that’s not why I popped on to post. I am thinking that, at least once a month, I want to take a moment to recognize the behind the sceen souls who get us where we are trying to go. 

Today, I want to acknowledge editors. Why? Because as someone who edits on a sometimes basis, my heart bleeds for the effort it takes to do it full time. I edited for over SIX HOURS STRAIGHT yesterday…know how far I got? Four chapters. FOUR. That’s right, you read correctly. The time and attention it takes to read every word, consider every line, and coordinate language through each paragraph, scene, & chapter is massive. 

To those stalwart souls who embrace the art & do it so well…I salute & thank you. We all should.